Cognac XO Héritage Edition Limitée


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This XO Héritage cognac has a deep colour. It has a complex, round nose and a smooth, suave entry into the mouth. When it opens, we discover all its complexity and the history it carries within it. Supple and generous on the palate, this Cognac gradually reveals all the richness of its palette of flavours, combining notes of wood, quince with a slight hint of leather and vanilla. The finish
The end of the mouth allows us to realise the age of this XO while keeping this round and greedy side of passion fruit which makes us want to relive this gustatory epic.

Grape variety : Ugni blanc
Ageing : Limousin oak barrels
Blending : Yes
Visual aspect : Brilliant, deep and amber
Olfactory aspect : Smooth, round, suave.
Taste : Woody, vanilla, passion fruit
Alcohol content : 43%.